Swimming Lessions


Swimming lessons
for adults

For people of all ages who wish to develop excellent health via training and learn to swim properly and confidently, come to Streamline Personal Fitness Training! Join our team if you enjoy working out in the water and are eager to experience the unique sensation of being in contact with water both during the workout and afterwards. With our help, you’ll quickly learn how to swim properly while progressively setting new, doable objectives for the future.

You can enhance oxygen flow, move your joints, and tone your entire body while swimming without damaging your joints or increasing your risk of injury. Swimming is the best exercise for individuals with back and neck pain, overweight, high blood pressure, etc. for these and many other reasons.

With the help of Streamline Personal Fitness Training’s swimming lessons, you may have a pleasant experience that will allow you overcoming any anxieties and concerns.


Swimming Lessons
for kids

Experienced swimming instructors, University graduates (Department of Physical Education and Sports Science), with a degree in lifeguarding work in private sessions with children of all ages, teaching them to float, sink and swim in the water. At older ages we teach technique and performance improvement (Swimming Performance). The program will assist your child in improving their strength, immune system, coordination, and motor skills as well as increase their appreciation of the aquatic environment. Children are taking part in enjoyable activities that could one day both save their lives and advance their general physical and mental development.

Preparation for admission to schools & TEFAA

For our students’ admittance into Military Schools and TEFAAS, Streamline Personal Fitness Training offers complete preparation and specialized training. The candidate’s physical condition and performance in the long jump, shot throw, and sprint events will be improved during the training sessions.

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